Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Promise Prayer from our Current Host Congregation: Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

A beautiful prayer from Pastor Kathy Ierien of Good Shepherd written for Family Promise:

Holy One, you are our source of hope and life, and your love comes to us where we are.  Bless all those who gather together through the Family Promise network.  Be present for the families who shelter in this place.  Support them in their journey and bring them patience and courage to face each day, confident that you go with them through the struggles and joys of life.  Bless the relationships that develop in this week to come, that those who were once strangers may come together as friends.  Help us all to continue to work to fight homelessness in our community and nation, speaking and acting for justice and peace.  Be our shelter, O Lord, this day and through all that is to come. Amen. 

We are having a great week with the families and are so appreciative to clergy support and thankful for the amazing coordinators and volunteers!