Tuesday, May 18, 2010

FP Coordinators Meeting May 18th 2010

Board member Kymm Hockman and Exec Director Tamikah led a meeting of all of the church congregational coordinators. It was a great meeting, sharing best practices (what works, what doesn't work well), learning from each other and encouraging each other. Here are some quotes Kymm captured from the meeting:

"Our volunteers say they are getting more out of it than they're giving."

"We tell them that the first night they are our guests. The next, they are family. We treat them like family."

"We are a small, aging church, yet we still got 63 people involved! Many of these volunteers are people who had not been otherwise active."

"We've formed some new fellowships. Spending the night in a church together tends to draw people closer."

"Some in our community have shared that 'it's about time we opened up like this to our community'! "

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  1. Awesome feedback and love the timely updates!!