Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SJMC Hosting Family Promise

This week we visited St. James Mill Creek Episcopal Church which is hosting our families at their activity center, across the street from their beautiful historic church building.  Shown in the background just behind the activity center is...the Family Promise Center!  We have developed a wonderful relationship with the congregation at SJMC during the months we have occupied the Family Promise Center.  It is a wonderful facility for Family Promise, and SJMC enjoys having Family Promise as the occupant of its Rectory.

When we arrived, we found a number of volunteers in the kitchen delivering and preparing meals for the families.  Allison Jessup, one of the congregational coordinators, states "this is one of the perks of Family Promise - getting to enjoy the great meals people bring to the center" as she was preparing to stay overnight with the families.  Shown in the picture are:  Mack Conaway, Paul & Sue Haefner, Kate Brewer, Carole Leach, Allison Jessup, Jennifer Idell, David Perry and Valerie Bragg.

David Perry serves as the dinner coordinator.  He evidently keeps pretty busy not only coordinating the dinners, but cleaning up dishes as well (at least he looked like he was hard at work while we were there!).

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