Monday, November 8, 2010

Grace Lutheran Hosting Week

Thanks to all of the volunteers at Grace Lutheran Church who are helping with the Family Promise hosting week!  We caught a few of them Monday evening.  Josh Kelly, Director of Youth & Family Ministry (recently married - congrats!) and Kathy Hunsicker were there.  Kathy was driving the families during the early part of the week and Josh was working late and having dinner with the families (he's also staying overnight later this week).  We met the Lertola family who were on hand to join the dinner with the families as well as provide evening entertainment.  And finally we met again Erika Wolf and Susan Sweeney, who showed up again to prepare dinner and take care of the families.  Thank you again!

Josh Kelly and Kathy Hunsicker

The Lertola Family:  Annie, Jim, Carol & Matthew

Erika Wolf & Susan Sweeney in background, Lertola children in foreground

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  1. What a super messy office that is! Gross = ) I got to help Nashon with his homework on Tuesday night! Fortunately it was plural spellings and simple addition and subtractions! Family Promise is such a wonderful program!