Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Limestone Presbyterian & St. John The Beloved Catholic Church team up for Family Promise

This week we visited host congregation Limestone Presbyterian Church who teams up with supporting congregation St. John The Beloved Catholic Church to care for our families. Shown in the picture is Limestone Presbyterian featuring the first solar power installation on a church in Delaware, their contribution to stewardship of the environment.

On our way in, we caught Tim Jooste of Limestone Pres hard at work helping with the major renovation of the Limestone Pres sanctuary.

When we arrived, Joann Paupe (SJBC), Jen Miller (Limestone) and Sister Kathleen Ruszkowski (SJBC) were busy getting dinner ready for the families.  Generally, SJBC provides the meals and Limestone Pres provides the hosting space - so it is a great partnership between the two churches.  Jen & Marty Miller were part of the organizing core team early in 2009, and Sr Kathleen was one of the original organizing members of Family Promise from 2008.  Fun fact: the Limestone Presbyterian volunteers give the SJBC cooks an A+!

George Alicknavitch of SJBC is new to the Family Promise volunteer team, having just safely completed his first time driving the Family Promise van!

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