Sunday, July 18, 2010

White Clay Creek Presbyterian Host Week

White Clay Creek just finished hosting our families in their beautiful "Nurture Center" - which houses the offices, Sunday School rooms, full kitchen, dining hall and a well-equipped youth activities room.

We arrived early Sunday morning (7:00) and caught some of the volunteers for a few minutes to get some pictures and ask a few questions about the week.  Shown here are Bill Hall, Vern Kincaid, Donna Kincaid, Melissa Clark and Wendy LaManna.  Bill commented how friendly everyone has been.  Donna helped with setup & takedown.  Melissa is the supplies coordinator (she got everything on sale!).  Wendy has been busy organizing - her only regret that she would have liked to have spent more time with the families.  She did get good feedback from the other volunteers.

Harold Rowland and Bill Hall are rolling up the beds.  We use inflatable beds that move from congregation to congregation.  It really is moving along pretty smoothly now that the congregations have worked out their logistics.

Nikki Vella and Harris Aungst were the overnight hosts.  Nikki was a bit sleepy but had a great time hosting the families, and provided dinner Saturday evening.  Thanks to everyone at WCC Pres who volunteered to take care of our homeless families!

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