Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grace Lutheran volunteers speak with passion for their Family Promise ministry

We interviewed several dedicated volunteers, sitting clockwise around the table:  Josh Kelly, Nancy Goyda, Kathy Hunsicker, and Erika Wolf.  Josh is Director of Youth and Family Ministry at Grace Lutheran.  Nancy is one of the original founders of our network and "the spur of Family Promise at Grace Lutheran" according to Erika.  Kathy Hunsicker is a member who often drives the van and is also starting a GriefShare ministry at Grace (for those who have recently lost a close friend or loved one).  Erika was making dinner this evening after serving the day at ContactLifeline, a crisis prevention helpline.  These 4 very dedicated volunteers are part of the 50 or so people at Grace Lutheran who have been taking care of our families.

When we asked them why they got involved in Family Promise, aside from the encouragement of Nancy and Pastor Paul Lundmark, they each had their own reasons:  Erika believes this is an effective way to help those less fortunate.  Based on her experience with other ministries as well, she says "you can't tell people what to do, but give them options and help them explore what is right for them."  Kathy feels a strong personal connection:  she believes she would have been homeless had she not had strong family support after her husband died (many of our families don't have the blessing of family support to help them in their difficult times).  Josh believes that God has blessed him richly, and he feels called to reflect that blessing to those that are struggling.  As Josh says: "Christ set an example of helping those that the world ignores."

When we asked what impact Family Promise has had at Grace, Kathy states: "our congregation made a commitment to Family Promise, and as a member of our (church) community, I need to do my part."  Josh references I Corinthians 12 where the apostle Paul states that the church is One Body, with Many Parts that work together in a mission.  Kathy and Erika both feel this is an important part of evangelism, with congregations working together and demonstrating their faith through action.  Josh summed it up nicely:  "In the first years of Christendom, it was the homes where people met and grew in community.  The buildings are the tools, but it is the people living out their faith that is important."

Thanks again to all of the volunteers at Grace Lutheran!


  1. Excellent Job! I really like this your summary very much! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us and the world! God bless!

  2. I guess you could call this an example of God's Grace in action!