Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hockessin United Methodist Church Hosting Week

Cyndy & Bill Brown with children Julia & Evan

A number of members of Hockessin United Methodist church were ready Sunday evening to greet our families and enjoy dinner.  The Brown family (Bill, Cyndy, Evan & Julia) have made meals for 3 hosting weeks, working with Cyndy's Ladies Circle.  When we arrived, Bill was hard at work at the stove preparing turkey, dressing and the rest.  The Browns feel they have been very blessed, and think this is a great way to give back to the community.  It's important to them that their children are involved so they can learn about the world around them, and appreciate what they have.

Ken & Jane Buddenbohn, Anne Marie Wilkinson
Jane & Ken Buddenbohn have also assisted with the hosting now for their 3rd week.  In addition to supporting Family Promise, Ken is also helping to launch a new Cub Scout Pack 51 at HUMC (now's a good time to let him know if you want to get involved!).  Ken says this is part of the mission-orientation of their church, just like supporting Family Promise.  Both of these ministries have received strong support from Pastors Laura Martin & John Mitchell.  Jane works as a psychologist in the Christina school district where she sees the direct impact of homelessness on children:  problems with homework, lack of stability, difficult schedules with busing, etc.  In addition, she has definitely noticed the sharp increase in the numbers of homeless children in her years at the school district.  Also shown pictured is Anne Marie Wilkinson, a young lady who particularly enjoys entertaining the children during the host week.

Kymm Hockman talks to families while Ted Brown looks on
Ted Brown and Kymm Hockman were preparing to be the overnight hosts.  In addition to volunteering with Family Promise, Ted leads adult Sunday School, is on the Board of Trustees, and provides leadership coaching for senior leadership of the church.  Kymm serves as the congregational coordinator of HUMC, and also is extremely active as a member of the Board for Family Promise, training new congregations and setting the hosting schedule.

All-in-all, it looks like the families will have a great week with a caring group of volunteers.  Thank you HUMC!
Congregational Coordinator & Board member Kymm Hockman

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