Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mark & Lynette Russell of HBC talk about their Family Promise experience

Mark & Lynette Russell are long-time members of Hockessin Baptist Church, and are currently serving as the Congregation Coordinators.  They have particularly enjoyed the Family Promise experience at HBC, and see it as a ministry that brings different age groups within the church together in a common mission.  Over 60 HBC members and attenders have volunteered at FP over the past several host weeks.  In addition, the Russell's have been blessed with several other families who have taken on large tasks, including John & Jan Schoff who organize meals as well as Dan & Jewell Boulet (parents of pastor Jon Boulet).  Over the week Pastor Jon & his wife Andrea also took the opportunity to host the families by staying overnight  When we asked Mark & Lynette what they think of their Family Promise experience, Lynette say  "I appreciate the opportunity to reach out to people we wouldn't normally meet."  Mark added "there is a Biblical commandment to care for the poor, and Family Promise is a good program that allows us to do this within the walls of the church."  Thank you to all of the volunteers at HBC for your efforts!

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